Establishment of new labor party announced at Tahrir Square

Dozens of workers and labor leaders held a press conference on Sunday in Tahrir Square to announce the establishment of the Democratic Labor Party, bearing the slogan “Freedom, Dignity, Social justice”.

Party leader Kamal Khalil said the party’s most important principles are the respect of all Egyptians’ religious beliefs and bringing an end to discrimination on the basis of religion, color or sex.

He went on to say that the party aims to help workers’ struggle for social justice by establishing minimum wages, abolishing agricultural bank debts, and ending all forms of privatization.

Khalil said the party would be directing its attention to the Sinai Governorate and that it would demand the lifting of investment restrictions currently in place, and the adoption of citizenship rights, including land ownership and equality.

The party would also seek to secure full compensation for Nubians displaced by government projects since 1964.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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