European embassies in Cairo pledge better treatment for Egyptians

Egypt's Foreign Ministry has received positive responses from European embassies in Cairo in which the latter promised better treatment for Egyptian nationals applying for visas, said Ahmed Fatahallah, assistant foreign minister for European affairs.

In early October, the Foreign Ministry held a meeting with European ambassadors at which it conveyed several complaints by Egyptian citizens about alleged mistreatment at European embassies in Egypt.

Fatahallah noted that European embassies had told him that they were in the process of reviewing their internal procedures. Some ambassadors, he added, had even invited him to witness the process first-hand.

Fatahallah went on to say that Holland's ambassador had told him that the Dutch embassy in Cairo had equipped its visa section with surveillance cameras in order to ensure that Egyptians were being well-treated by embassy employees.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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