Evidence of former minister’s misdeeds disappears

Security sources told Al-Masry Al-Youm that files documenting violations believed to have been carried out by Mohamed Ibrahim Suleiman, the former housing, utilities and urban development minister, are missing from the New Urban Communities Authority. It has not yet been determined whether the missing files hold records of the former minister’s approval of the allocation of plots of land to businessmen in 6th of October and the North Coast.

Monitoring bodies visited the relevant offices Tuesday to locate the documents, only to find that four plot-allocation books were missing. It was also found that two pages, which showed that some of the plots were in Marina, had been torn out from one of the books.  The sources didn’t specify whether the businessmen accused of being involved in the violations and whose names are mentioned in the investigations of the Public Funds Prosecution are the same names mentioned in the torn out pages. 

The Administrative Control Authority filed a report of the incident and an investigation into the disappearance of the books was called for.

The Public Funds Prosecution is expected to hear on Thursday the testimonies of those officials at the New Urban Communities Authority whose names are mentioned in the Administrative Control Authority report.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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