Ex-minister: Road accidents claimed 7000 Egyptian lives in 2009

Some 30,000 road accidents took place in Egypt last year alone, killing 7000 people and injuring a further 30,000, according to former transportation minister Essam Sharaf.

Sharaf pointed out that 11 NGOs were currently working on road safety programs in an effort to stop what he described as “asphalt bloodshed.”

A recent report issued by the Roads and Bridges Authority revealed that an average of 1.2 million cars had used Egypt's 58 highways every day in 2009.

The busiest highway, according to the report, was the Cairo-Banha road, with 110,000 cars everyday; the Cairo-Ismailia road, with 66,000 cars daily; the Damanhour-Tanta road, with 46,000 cars; and the Alexandria-Damanhour road, with 44,000 cars.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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