Egypt Independent

Facebook activists to commemorate Khaled Saeed’s death

Activists responsible for running the Facebook page "We Are All Khaled Saeed" have called for events to mark the first anniversary of Saeed's death on 6 June.

Saeed, who is widely believed to have been tortured to death by two policemen, died last year at the age of 27. His death became symbolic of the brutality of Egypt's security forces, and calls for protests on 25 January this year started on the Facebook page created in his honor.

The moderators of the Facebook page are calling for a number of events to be held under the slogan "Saeed Died to Save the Voice of Truth" to mark the anniversary. They lamented the fact that those who allegedly killed Saeed have not been brought to justice.

They pleged to keep the memory of Saeed and all martyrs alive in the minds of Egyptians. 

Police say Saeed died after swallowing a roll of marijuana and not as a result of torture. 

The page called for a conference in Cleopatra, Alexandria, where Saeed lived, as well as silent protests on the Nile corniche to call for the trial of  Saeed's killers.

Translated from the Arabic Edition