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Fall accessories: Affordable treats

As fall approaches, more and more purchases of an autumnal nature come to mind, some of them important or mandatory, while others are simply buys to make us happy. Al-Masry Al-Youm has put together a list of a some of the more quirky and enjoyable purchases available in the coming season.

For bags this seasons, Mona Eini (Mona 3eny) has launched a collection of clutches, mixing patchwork, leather and suede. The collection’s masterpiece is the Om Kolthoum Clutch. The price range is LE350 to LE500.

Nazeeka has also launched a new model for the coming season: the 'Cordonita' clutch/messenger, available in two colors, black and beige. The rectangular bag has a removable cord and mixes leather with corduroy in a homogeneous blend suitable for après midi and soirée. It is decorated with a golden accessory and a gold leather tassel. The bag costs LE450.

Funk your ipad or laptop with a sleeve by LIGLIG; the pouches are very oriental and unique in design, featuring either Egyptian fabrics or oriental prints. The sleeves are super feminine and colorful but they are definitely on the pricy side; the piece might cost around LE720.

Don’t forget to check out Runi Designs; her new collection of scarves is funky and affordable. The designer has given the Palestinian scarf a new edge with the word "Masriya" embroidered in florescent colors. The scarf is lined with black satin and decorated with 50-piaster coins. It costs around LE300.

Karma is the most recent addition to the world of oriental fashion, launched three months ago by designer Dina Hafez. Karma hit the market with a collection of Kheyamia handmade laptop sleeves and shoulder bags.

Brooches and pins are in this season. The "Ctrl+z" jewelry line from Zinab Chahine offers a collection of artistic pins of all sizes, featuring Egyptian celebrities, renowned brands and mottos like “Be with the revolution” or “All rights reserved.” The prices range between LE72 and LE132 per pin.

For more information about the above items, check out Style Treasure and Urban Souq for an enjoyable online shopping spree:

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