‘False Killer Whales’ spotted in Red Sea

A marine patrol of environmental researchers in the Red Sea Protected Areas observed on Monday dozens of very large oceanic dolphins called False Killer Whales near the Sheraton area in Hurghada.

A number of tourists who were on board boats near the site were delighted to watch them as boat captains made whistling sounds to attract the dolphins.

Other marine animals rarely spotted in the Red Sea have been spotted in recent years including whale sharks, humpback whales and ocean sunfish.

Marine life specialists considered the emergence of the False Killer Whale in the Red Sea a rare and unique environmental event that demonstrates the success of efforts to protect the marine environment in the Red Sea as well as abiding by the international conventions for the protection of sea creatures.

A citizen from the city of Ras Gharib north of the Red Sea last week found a dead decomposed huge marine creature on the shore of the sea that turned out to be a False Killer Whale. It was buried in accordance with environment protection regulations in the desert of Ras Gharib.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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