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Five tips to avoid gaining weight during Ramadan

Despite the long hours of fasting, which exceed 15 hours, most people suffer from gaining weight during Ramadan, which is blamed on the huge amounts of sugar and calorie-rich foods they consume.

To stay away from weight gain in Ramadan, here are some tips for eating all youlove while avoiding fats and problems with digestion.

1- Start with dates. You can take from one to three pieces with a big glass of water. Then go to prayers so your body can be ready for food.

2- When back, continue with soups and salads, then protein. Postpone the carbohydrates, as eating them at the beginning increases the feeling of hunger.

3- Take one of the drinks that helps reduce weight during suhoor like a mixture of ginger with peppermint and lemon; or cinnamon with honey and lemon.

4- Take a share of sugar but not directly after Iftar. At least two hours later is preferred.

5- Suhoor meal could be responsible for weight gain, as it is taken directly before sleeping. It’s preferred to favor proteins like yogurt, ful (fava beans) and eggs, and reduce sugar and carbohydrates.


Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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