FJP president reiterates call for Ganzouri government dismissal

Mohamed Morsy, the president of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, repeated on Sunday his calls to remove the government of Kamal al-Ganzouri, saying that the cabinet has failed to manage the country’s economic, security and political situation.

Speaking with Swedish Ambassador in Cairo, Malin Kärre, Morsy criticized the government for its bad performance.  

“The government is unable to make effective decisions and achieve the hopes and aspirations of the Egyptian people after the revolution,” Morsy told the Swedish ambassador in Cairo according to an FJP statement seen by Egypt Independent.

In February, the FJP and Muslim Brotherhood offered to lead a new coalition government in collaboration with other political forces, but later announced that the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces rejected the proposal.

Party members believe the current government is unable to pave the way to complete the transition process. They had vowed to force the government to resign by pressuring it with repeated requests to appear for questioning before Parliament.

“We won the majority in Parliament, and our party is ready to assume responsibility and form a coalition government of all political forces to truly represent Egyptian society,” Morsy said according the statement.

Morsy told Kärre that that the Brotherhood formed the party for all Egyptians to freely compete for power. “And we coordinate constantly with each other.”

Morsy also said the party did not yet endorse a candidate in the presidential elections.

“We shall discuss this next week,” he said.

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