Flights to Egypt down 70 percent

Minister of Civil Aviation Ibrahim Mannaa said on Wednesday that flights to Egypt have declined by 70 percent, which led to a sharp drop in profits.

Sources at Cairo International Airport said 14 of the international airlines canceled their flights to Cairo on Wednesday due to a lack of passengers.

“Passengers boarding EgyptAir flights have dropped to 54 percent,” added Mannaa. “Losses during the past two weeks can only be calculated after all losses are identified.”

“The aviation sector in Egypt will carry out its development projects and pay for all its financial commitments. We paid all our installments in February,” Mannaa added.

Manna promised that airport workers would not be affected by the drop in profits saying, "They will not be laid off. Their salaries will not be cut.”

Navigational sources at Cairo Airport said EgyptAir decreased its local and international flights by slightly more than half. 

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