Foreign Ministry checks condition of Egyptians injured in Jordan fire

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Badr Abdel Aty said on Thursday that the Egyptian Embassy in Jordan is checking the condition of the Egyptians who were injured in a fire that erupted on Wednesday morning in a mill in the capital Amman, and who were taken to the Al-Bashir General Hospital.

Four Jordanians were also injured in the fire.

He said two were released from hospital as they suffered minor injuries, while the other six, of which five are in a critical condition, are still being treated. They are:

Shaaban Awad Hedeya Qutb, born in 1984 in Assiut, Nour Qasim Araby Ahmed, born in 1985 in Assiut, Eissa Anwar Eissa, born in 1983 in Assiut, Mansour Lotfi Seddik Khalifa, born in 1988 in Assiut, Alaa Amer Abdel Hafez Eissa, born in 1984 in Assiut, and Eissa Asaad Ghattas Francis, born in 1988 in Minya.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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