Forensic Medicine: Journalist was shot in the head, no victims stabbed by sharp tools


Preliminary reports by Forensic Medicine Authority have indicated that the four victims killed during Friday clashes between the Muslim Brotherhood, Sisi supporters and security troops in Ain Shams were shot in their heads.

The reports added that none of the victims were stabbed by sharp tools.

The Journalist Mayyada Ashraf, according to the reports, was anong the victims shot in the head. Victim Mary Sameh was shot in the back, while another victim named Kareem was shot in the chest.

The report on Ashraf said that the bullet lead to fractures in the jaw, face, head and laceration in the gland.

Another report on death of 29-year old Ahmed Mohamed Gahel Allah showed that the bullet was shot at the front from the back of the head, which caused fractures in the skull leading to cerebral hemorrhage

The report on the death of Sameh showed that she was shot in the back, denying that she was stabbed to death.


A boy's body was found and identified as Sherif Abdel Raouf, 14, a student living in Ain Shams. Karim Mahmoud Salama died during the clashes when a bullet entered his body, leading to the laceration of the lungs and heart, causing his death.



Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm


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