Former ministers deny giving ancient jewelry to Suzanne Mubarak

Former Culture Minister Farouk Hosni, former Minister of State for Antiquities Zahi Hawass, and Director of Alexandria's National Museum Ibrahim Darwish filed a complaint to Alexandria’s Public Prosecutor against Yasser Seif, head of the International Association for the Development of Environment and Culture. The complaint accused Seif of defamation after the latter filed a complaint accusing Hosni and Hawass of gifting a piece of ancient jewelry to Suzanne Mubarak during the opening of the Jewelry Museum in April 2010.

Darwish said he and the head of the museum headed to the prosecution on Monday to present evidence that proves the accusation is unfounded. He went on to say that all of the museum's contents are registered and that all jewelry received by the museum since 1986 has remained untouched.

“None of the museum’s contents have been removed. No official, whatever his authority, may do such a thing,” he said.

Meanwhile, Hawass said no artifacts can be taken out of the museum without government approval and that he never gave, or helped facilitate the giving of, any artifacts as gifts.

Hosni said he his lawyer filed a lawsuit against Seif that accuses him of defamation. He said that he would demand compensation.

He went on to say that the minister does not have the authority to dispose of any artifacts. Hawass called on the media to check the facts before publishing false allegations.

Hosni, on the other hand, called on the prosecutor to review the museum’s surveillance camera recordings and museum records to prove the complaint is false. He pointed out that the author claims the existence video footage showing the piece of jewelry being presented to former President Hosni Mubarak’s wife.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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