Former presidential hopeful expresses disappointment over draft constitution

Former presidential hopeful Khaled Ali showed his disappointment over the draft of the new constitution during a conference held by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on Tuesday.
“We expect the issuance of a constitution that does not express Egyptian people´s aspirations or its two major revolutions,” he said, referring to information leaked to the media about the constitutional draft.
Ali said the 50-member committee, tasked with amending the Constitution, is worse that the 100-member committee formed by the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s enough that the latter was formed by election, while the current one’s members were appointed rather than elected, he said.
He also added that the 50-member committee sessions were not aired and that no drafts for the new constitution were issued. Ali emphasized that this should raise concern over a new constitution that will not grant full rights to all segments of society.
Ali also expressed his disappointment over the new protest law, ratified by the president, saying that the penalties mentioned in it violates the 2012 constitution, written by the Brotherhood, as well as the 1971 constitution. He described its issuance as a violation of the accomplishments made since the revolution.
Ali demanded that the new constitution guarantee freedom and dignity which had been called for by revolutionaries.

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