Fuel oil shortage reported, public officials say supplies fine

Reports of fuel gas shortage in several governorates have led to overcrowding at gas stations, amid reassurances by public officials that large quantities have been imported.

Several microbus drivers, the main users of the fuel, have complained about a shortage over the past several days, while the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) said 35,000 tons of fuel oil have arrived in Egypt and another 105,000 tons will come in this week.

Sources said the lack of fuel gas threatens the wheat harvest and has disrupted fishing activities, causing the prices of fish to rise.

Mohamed Shoaib, vice president of the EGPC, said the shortage was reported in Qalyubiya, Daqahlia, Monufiya and Gharbiya, and accused the owners of gas stations of claiming they had no fuel.

The EGPC has also filed police reports against three gas stations on the Cairo-Alexandria agricultural road, saying they falsely claimed to have no fuel.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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