G20 foreign ministers fail to reach a complete consensus due to Russia-Ukraine conflict, India says

Swati Gupta in New Delhi

Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar announced Thursday that the G20 meeting of the foreign ministers was unable to reach a consensus to issue a joint statement due to their “differing opinions” on the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

In the first major G20 meeting held in New Delhi, the countries were able to form a consensus on issues ranging from counter-terrorism to multilateral banks to global skill mapping. Still, they stopped short of issuing a statement agreeing on all subjects and actions, according to Jaishankar.

“There were issues, and they were concerned about the Russia-Ukraine conflict. We got a joint document built on the bulk of the problems, but various parties held differing opinions on several topics,” said Jaishankar at a news conference.

The effect of this conflict on countries impacted by the coronavirus pandemic is damaging, he added, saying the global south still needs help.


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