Gallup: 49% of Egyptians disapprove of US leadership

A recent poll conducted by the American Gallup Research Center found that 49 percent of Egyptians "disapprove of the US leadership," while only 19 percent expressed approval for it, down from a 37-percent approval rating last year.

Entitled "Global Perceptions of US Leadership,” the poll, published Wednesday, ranked Tunisia first among Arab countries in terms of popular disapproval of the Barack Obama administration, with 79 percent of Tunisian respondents expressing disapproval for current US policies and only 10 percent expressing their approval.

Palestine came in second, with 77 percent and 16 percent disapproving and approving respectively. Morocco came in third, with 69 percent registering their disapproval; Algeria fourth, with 68 percent; Yemen fifth, with 65 percent; Lebanon sixth, with 64 percent; and Iraq seventh, with 61 percent.

The highest approval ratings, meanwhile, were registered in the sub-Saharan African countries of Burkina Faso (95 percent); Uganda (90 percent); Kenya (87 percent); and Senegal (84 percent).

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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