Gang arrested for excavating archaeological treasures in Ain Shams

Authorities arrested a gang who excavated archaeological treasures and a pharaonic sarcophagus at an ancient cemetery that was found under a house in the neighborhood of Ain Shams.

Investigations by the security services at the Cairo Security Directorate confirmed that a gang excavated antiquities in the Ain Shams area and was able to reach an ancient cemetery containing a pharaonic sarcophagus, and they began searching for a way to sell it and smuggle it outside the country.

Investigations revealed that the gang included eight people including six with a criminal record.

All the accused bought the basement of the house and agreed to participate in excavation surreptitiously under the aforementioned property to search for antiquities.

The suspects confessed to committing the incident.

They said during interrogations that they deliberately concealed the hole with the intention of smuggling the antiquities out of the country.

The area of excavation was 240 meters and consisted of several rooms. They constructed a wooden door to conceal the hole of excavation.

Under the wooden door, another cement cover was found. After removing the cover, a three meter deep hole and a ladder were found.

An archaeological cemetery with a huge granite coffin about three meters long with Pharaonic inscriptions was found. A large number of tools used in excavation were also found.

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