German man murders 3-year-old son in Hurghada: police report

A German expatriate killed his 3-year-old son in Hurghada, by choking him and beating him on the head, causing severe bruising, according to local police.
The parents, the German man and his girlfriend, allegedly refrained from reporting the incident to the police for 24 hours after it occurred, with the hopes of disposing of the child’s body in the desert, according to police investigations.
The Hurghada General Hospital reported the incident to the police after it received the body from the parents. The body showed signs of choking and bruises in the eye and forehead. The child had been dead for 24 hours before reaching the hospital.
The parents, residents of Hurghada and working in a tourist resort there, were arrested and referred to prosecution for continued investigations.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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