Government launches website showing polling station locations

The Council of Ministers Information Center has launched a new website to illustrate the locations of polling stations for the upcoming referendum on constitutional amendments slated for Saturday.

The Centre said the website has been established to facilitate the voting process for citizens by indicating the locations of polling stations found in each governorate. According to the Center, users can locate all of the polling stations belonging to each township or police station in a given governorate.

Nearly 45 million Egyptians have the right to vote on the proposed amendments, which affect nine articles of the 1971 Constitution. A number of political movements, parties and opposition figures announced their refusal of the amendments, saying they want a new constitution rather than simply amending the old one.

Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s largest opposition group, the formerly ruling National Democratic Party, the Wassat Party and the Labor Party have all announced their endorsement of the amendments.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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