Protests across Egypt denounce SCAF, former regime ‘remnants’

Protests took place in the main squares in different governorates around Egypt on Friday to support the demands put forth by protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. Numerous political forces, including revolutionary youth groups, the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis had called for massive protests against the military council and remnants of the former regime.

In Alexandria, about 100,000 protesters rallied outside Qaed Ibrahim mosque after Friday prayers and chanted slogans against the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, including, "Down with military rule, We are the people — the red line," and "It is hard for the military to rule again, we are the power and we are the people."

The protesters marched to the military area in Sidi Gaber to express solidarity with the demands of protesters across the country.

In Red Sea Governorate, dozens of Hurghada residents staged marches after Friday prayers denouncing the presidential candidacy of members of the former regime and demanding that the amendment to the political rights law banning former regime officials from running for office be applied.

They called for the abolishment of Article 28 of the Interim Constitution which grants the Presidential Elections Commission immunity and the formation of a Constituent Assembly that is representative of the entire Egyptian population, not only certain movement.  

In Aswan, members of the 25 January Revolution Youth Coalition, as well as members of Islamic and other political movements, staged a protest.

Wael Refaat, spokesperson for the 25 January Revolution Youth Coalition in Aswan, said that political and revolutionary forces have united in agreement for the first time since Mubarak’s ouster to demand the reconstitution of the constituent assembly and that members of the former regime be excluded from political life and put on trial.

Banha City in Qalyubia Governorate witnessed a number of protests after prayers in which protesters raised several banners decrying the nomination of former regime officials for president. They also demanded that  the presidential election proceed as scheduled whether a constitution is completed or not so that power will be handed over to a civilian executive as scheduled.

In Suez, hundreds of activists from youth movements and Islamic parties staged a protest in Arbaeen Square to demand that the presidential election be held on time and that the revolution be protected.

Dozens staged a protest in Sadat Square in Arish City, North Sinai to demand the prosecution of Mubarak-era officials.

Marches demanding that the military transfer power to civilian forces were stages in Fayoum.

In Qena, revolutionary coalitions staged a march during which they chanted for the completion of the objectives of the revolution and the exclusion of former regime members from the presidential race.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party staged a protest in Marsa Matrouh also demanding that Mubarak cronies be excluded from political life.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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