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Hadra Sufi ensemble to perform at Open Theater Wednesday

The Egyptian Opera House, headed by Enas Abdel Dayem, will inaugurate its Ramadan celebrations, held at the Open Theater, with a performance of the Al-Hadra Sufi ensemble at 9:30 pm on Wednesday.

The performance will be inspired by different Egyptian Sufi orders such as al-Naqshabandeya, al-Khalileya, and al-Borhaneya.

Hadra will perform religious songs in remembrance and praise of Prophet Mohamed based on poems belonging to the Sufi heritage.

The Hadra ensemble for Sufi songs was founded in 2015 with the aim of preserving the spiritual heritage of Egyptian Sufism. The group includes followers of different Sufi orders.

The group performs the work of poets Mohey Eddin bin Araby, al-Hallag, al-Fared and others.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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