Health Minister pledges to increase doctors’ salaries ahead of strike

Egyptian Health and Population Minister Amr Helmy pledged on Thursday to raise doctors’ salaries, a promise that comes two days before doctors plan to go on strike for better salaries and working conditions and the end of corruption within the Health Ministry.

In a statement on Thursday, Helmy said the average income of doctors and health care workers would increase, but did not specify when.

He said the ministry has issued several resolutions since the 25 January revolution to meet health care workers’ demands and that negotiations are underway with the Finance Ministry to adopt a wage structure.

Regarding the demand for private incentives, Helmy said the ministry ordered that salaries and incentives be paid in a timely manner and all the necessary procedures are in place to monitor the implementation of the order. Directorate heads were notified of the decision.

The Administrative Control Authority, which evaluates the performance of all Health Ministry personnel, reports that senior ministry officials are efficient and honest, Helmy said, although a few violations have been noted and are being corrected.

The strike planned for Saturday is expected to include doctors and healthcare workers from a variety of medical disciplines and departments.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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