Severe heat wave strikes Egypt in next two days

The Director of ths Weather Analysis and Forecasts Center at the Egyptian Meteorological Authority Mahmoud Shaheen warned Sunday that the next two days will see a severe heat wave of highs reaching 42C.

During a telephone interview on the Extra News channel, Shaheen added that temperatures will go will beyond their normal rates.

Temperatures will gradually rise to 42C in South Upper Egypt and 40C in Greater Cairo. The weather will remain moderate at night time, he said, with the most striking differences during the day over Sunday and Monday, ranging between 10-15C.

Shaheen called on citizens to wear summer clothes in the morning and warmer clothes at night. Active winds will blow sands and dust over the northern regions, the northwestern coasts, and the Western Desert.

He added that winds will reduce horizontal visibility on desert roads across the country on Monday.

The heat wave will end on Tuesday, he said, dropping to between eight-12C.

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