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How to obtain electronic Schengen visa according to new application system

Member states of the EU and European lawmakers have agreed to change the current Schengen visa system, as the EU allows visa-free entry to citizens of more than 60 countries outside the bloc.

According to “Deutsche Welle”, the member states of the EU and European lawmakers agreed to change the current Schengen visa system so that it becomes digital without the need to put stickers on passports.

The new law, once officially approved and put into effect, will allow travelers who need a visa to enter the EU to apply online instead of coming to consulates or visa services offices.

European MP Matiaz Nemec, who is one of the most prominent advocates for the adoption of the digital system for visas, assured that applicants will find this process, “easier, cheaper and faster.”

With the establishment of EU databases to monitor the entry and exit of travelers, the validity of stays, and security checks at borders, the European visa system is steadily advancing towards digitization.

Some countries, such as Australia, adopted a similar system where the online visa is linked to the traveler’s passport without the need for a sticker.

Using these systems, applicants can download the required documents and pay the fees.

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