ILO: Egypt must raise minimum wage to emerge from blacklist

Egypt must increase its national minimum wage to emerge from the International Labour Organization (ILO) blacklist, said Mohamed al-Taraboulsi — director of the ILO's Middle East labour activities — on Sunday

Al-Taraboulsi said the minimum wage should cope with prices and guarantee social justice.

Egypt has signed two agreements on wages, both of which involve commitments that must be honored.

Al-Taraboulsi told reporters that Egypt should modify its national legislation to conform to international agreements, especially its legislation concerning syndicates. Its violations of such agreements put Egypt on the blacklist.

According to al-Taraboulsi, labor syndicates have the right to file complaints against the government with international organizations if a satisfying minimum wage isn’t implemented.

The ILO cannot impose pluralism on Egyptian labor syndicates or any other syndicates, he added. Egyptian laborers themselves should choose between unity and pluralism, and the organization will support their choice.

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