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Immigration Ministry starts the first insurance for Egyptians working and residing abroad

Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptian Expatriates Nabila Makram announced, on Saturday the start of implementing the first insurance for Egyptians working and residing abroad, as of January 1, 2022.

Makram explained that the insurance for Egyptians working and residing abroad came in response to the requests of Egyptians abroad, especially those working in Gulf countries.

She said that coordination was underway with Interior Ministry, the Financial Regulatory Authority, and the Insurance Federation of Egypt to implement the insurance program starting from January 1, 2022, with the participation of the Egyptian Pool for Travel Insurance (EPTI).

The pool includes insurance companies that are scheduled to implement insurance, to extend the insurance umbrella for Egyptians abroad, in line with the state’s strategy to achieve insurance coverage in the market.

Makram said an e-platform was launched to receive requests from expats willing to make use of this service, pointing out that the fees will be EGP 100 a year.

She noted that this move aims to meet the needs of Egyptian expats, particularly in the Gulf countries, to compensate them in cases of death, transfer of dead bodies or accidents.

The minister stressed that the Egyptian citizen tops the priorities of the political leadership.

Makram said that the Ministry of Immigration will publish the mechanisms of entry into the insurance umbrella for all Egyptian communities abroad so that they can benefit from it, pointing out that this insurance is the first of its kind, and serves as a reassurance for Egyptians abroad.

Makram has signed in September, for the first time, a memorandum of understanding with the Financial Regulatory Authority and the Insurance Federation of Egypt, with the aim of cooperating in the field of providing insurance protection for Egyptians working and residing abroad, by providing insurance coverage in cases of death, corpse transfer and accidents, and pay appropriate compensation.

The signing of the memorandum of understanding came in coordination with the concerned authorities, within the framework of supporting the efforts of the Egyptian state to protect Egyptians working abroad, and in response to the requests of Egyptian citizens abroad, provided that it is applied to all workers and residents abroad.

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