Investigations underway with crew of Russian ship found nearby during attack against Egyptian navy vessel

Navy forces, along with sovereign authorities, imposed strict security measures on a trade ship hoisting the Russian flag, that was found nearby during the attack against the Egyptian navy vessel off the Damietta coast.
The Russian ship was seized and taken to northern entrance of the Suez Canal.
Interrogations are currently underway with the ship crew over their relation to the attack, if they offered logistic support to the attackers, if the ship was carrying weapons used in the attack and which port the ship sailed from.
Authorities are also investigating captain Ahmed Mostafa Amer, who was driving the navy vessel on the day of the attack in lieu of his supervisor Major Mohamed al-Fujairy, who was injured a week ago in a car accident.
Security services are also attempting to identify whether the car accident was intentional or not, Amer’s relationships at the Port Said navy base, Syrians and Turks in Damietta or others who have had relations with people from the two countries of Syria and Turkey. Another 32 suspects including Egyptians and foreigners are being questioned.
Meanwhile, Damietta port authority canceled a ceremony that was scheduled to honor Major General Mostafa Amer, former chief of the port authority, and father of captain Amer. The ceremony was to be held on occasion of his retirement.
The navy vessel was attacked in the Mediterranean on Wednesday, leaving five servicemen injured and eight others missing at sea.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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