Iranian diplomat anticipates improved relations with Egypt after elections

An Iranian official in Cairo said he expects diplomatic relations between Cairo and Tehran to normalize after Egypt's parliamentary elections end.

In statements aired on Iranian Press TV on Tuesday, Mojtaba Amani, the director of the office for Iranian interests in Cairo, said relations between the two countries will become normal despite “the intense campaign launched by Washington to mobilize public opinion against Iran.”

Ties between the mainly Sunni Muslim Egypt and predominantly Shia Iran were severed in 1979 following Iran's Islamic revolution and Egypt's recognition of Israel.

But the relations have improved since a popular uprising toppled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on 11 February.

Under Mubarak, a close ally of the US who regularly met top Israeli officials, Iran and Egypt sparred for influence in the Middle East.

Amani added that US claims that Tehran attempted to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington are groundless. But the international community listens to allegations made by the US, he said.

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