Islamic Jihad to sue 100 officers for allegedly killing and torturing

The Islamic Jihad group said it will file lawsuits against 100 police officers who had allegedly killed and tortured group members throughout the last 30 years.

Group member Alaa Sheta said the list includes former governor of Daqahliya Mostafa Kamel, who is accused of perpetrating the abuse while warden of the Al-Wady prison; Samir Sallam, who later became governor of Minya; Adel Labib, who later became governor of Alexandria; and Mohsen Hefzy, the current governor of Daqahliya.

The group sued 42 police officers in the 1980s, but the officers were all vindicated by the courts.

“We will submit proof that they killed and tortured 5000 group members,” Sheta said.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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