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‘Island of Forgiveness’ to be shown at CIFF for first time globally

On Thursday, the “Island of Forgiveness”, which is participating in the international competition of the 44th Cairo International Film Festival, will be shown for the first time globally.

The “Island of Forgiveness”, by Reda al-Bahi, produced by Tunisia, Lebanon, and US, revolves around Andrea, the protagonist who must face his problems in order to bring peace to his angry soul and to be able to forgive himself and those who hurt him. He also has his mother’s wish which he must fulfill. 

The screening of the 86-minute film begins at 9:15 pm in the Grand Theatre, as part of the activities of the 44th Cairo International Film Festival, which will continue until November 22.

On Friday, “The Word” film, which will be showcasing at the International Panorama, will be shown, for the first time in the Middle East and North Africa also 

“The Word”, by Beata Parkanová, is produced by Czech, Slovakia, and Poland, and won Best Director and Best Actor at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2022 awards.

Its events revolve around Vera, who sanctifies her marriage vows, and tries to protect her relationship with her husband with all their strength.

But what  happens when an unexpected crisis hits?  The 115-minute film will start showing at 09:45 pm at the Zamalek Cinema.

The 44th Cairo Film Festival kicked off on Sunday at the Grand Theater of the Egyptian Opera House, and will continue until November 22.

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