Israeli court orders release of Egyptian children held in custody

The Central Israeli Court issued a ruling on Wednesday for the release of three children who have been imprisoned in Israel for three months on allegations of having infiltrated the country. The Israeli prosecution decided not to appeal the case, which calls for imposing the maximum penalty on the three children.

Their families said that their sons did not commit any crimes that deserve imprisonment, and that they were merely trying to help their families by finding work in Israel.

The children’s names are Salah Ahmed Abdullah, Mohamed Abdel Hamid Salmi, and Fayez Abdul Hamid Rashid.

Egyptian defense official Mahmoud Saeed Lotfi said that the children are expected to be released immediately and transferred to the Egyptian ambassador in Israel, who will return the children to their homes by way of Cairo airport or Egypt’s Taba border crossing. The matter is due to be resolved in a matter of hours.

Meanwhile, a diplomatic delegation from the Egyptian Embassy visited the prisoners to check up on their situation.

An Egyptian prisoner by the name of Musaad al-Barakat, imprisoned in Katzion prison, said that the delegation visited more than twenty prisoners and received a list of Egyptian prisoners’ demands, which include their release in exchange for the alleged Israeli spy, Ilan Grapel, who Egypt has held in custody for several months.

At the same time, a number of families of Egyptian prisoners is Israel threatened to protest in front of the North Sinai Governorate headquarters if the ruling military council does not accede to their demands, the most important of which is the release of their relatives in return for returning the alleged Israeli spy.

Salman Barakat, sheikh of the Barakat tribe, seven members of which reside in Israeli prisons, confirmed that the prisoners’ families are pressuring the Egyptian government to achieve their relatives’ release.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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