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Italy labor leader boasts Arab ancestry, points to regional economic ties

The head of the Italian Labor Union Carmelo Barbagallo has expressed pride of his Arab ancestry, voicing optimism for Africa’s economic future despite challenges.
Barbagallo said he was proud of his ancestor Gawhar al-Siqilli (the Sicilian), who came from Sicily to Fatimid Egypt in 969 to establish Cairo and al-Azhar Mosque.
“Personally, I feel like I belong to North Africa though I am a southern European citizen,” Barbagallo said, hoping for Italian-Egyptian cooperation to overcome the economic crises of both countries.
Barbagallo said that Italy, despite the economic problems it shares with many European countries, still enjoys many work opportunities. He added that more cooperation with other Mediterranean countries, especially Egypt, is needed to combat illegal immigration.
Speaking of the new Italian labor law, Barbagallo said the law does not help resolve workers' or job-seekers' problems and rather grants employers more advantages despite the biting economic crisis. He suggested more investment and production development to eliminate their difficulties.
Barbagallo added that workers began a public strike on 12 December in order to press the government to change its policies towards workers.
Barbagallo added that the government’s criticisms of labor unions is the result of its inability to resolve surging unemployment.

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