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Kid friendly snack of the week: Grainy hummus sandwich

In an effort to make kids'  lunches and snacks a little healthier, while giving moms, dads and chefs some inspiration, we’ve started the kids' snack series – a weekly recipe from staff or readers that provides the perfect component for school lunches with a great balance of nutrition and taste.

Grainy hummus sandwich

A kid friendly festival of taste and healthy eating, this grainy hummus sandwich is the perfect lunch box main course. The colors and tastes are sure to get your little one excited  – and you don't have to let on that it's a very healthy meal!


2 pieces of rich bake whole grain toast

3 slices of cucumber

grated carrot

3 tablespoons hummus

4 thin slices of tomato

1 sprinkling of sprouts

2 lettuce leaves


1.     Mix the shredded carrot into hummus.

2.     Spread mixture onto bread.

3.     Top with slices of tomato and cucumber, sprouts and lettuce.

4.     Makes one sandwich.

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