Kremlin says grain deal is “risky” and “dangerous” if Russia cannot guarantee navigation safety

Without Russia guaranteeing navigation safety, continuing the Black Sea grain deal “is hardly feasible,” Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said Monday on a regular call with reporters, calling such a scenario “much more risky” and “dangerous.”

At the moment, Russia continues grain contacts with the Turkish side, as well as with the UN, through diplomatic channels, Peskov added.

Remember: Russia announced it will suspend its participation in the United Nations-brokered grain export deal with Ukraine “for an indefinite period of time” after Moscow blamed Kyiv for the drone attacks on the Crimean city of Sevastopol. CNN cannot independently verify Russia’s report. A top Ukrainian official on Saturday accused Russia of inventing “fictitious terrorist attacks” on its own facilities in Crimea and also blamed Moscow of “blackmail.” The deal is set to expire next month, and Moscow officials have cast doubt on whether they will extend their participation.

Asked about Russia’s conditions for resuming the deal, Kremlin spokesperson Peskov declined to comment on Monday.

Meanwhile, 12 vessels left Ukraine’s Black Sea ports on Monday despite Russia’s withdrawal.

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