Lady Justice takes off her blindfold

The blindfolded Lady Justice is the symbol of equality before the law. So how come, Mr. Interior Minister, Mortada Mansour and Mostafa Bakry paid you a visit to mediate the release of Tawfiq Okasha for health reasons, although there is a sentence issued against him in favor of his ex-wife? Would anyone other than Okasha have had this privilege? 
This is a circumvention of the law. This means some people are above the law with the blessings of the Interior Minister. The health reasons are but an excuse given to them, while it is denied to others who really need it. Does photojournalist Shawkan not need to be released for health reasons? 
Okasha is neither the first nor last of those above the law for whom the Interior Ministry refrains from carrying out sentences, although the Constitution entrusts the Interior Minister with the application of the law.
Again, Okasha is neither the first nor last. For there are the immune members of parliament who think they are above the law, and there is Hisham Talaat Mostafa who also wants a release for health reasons.
How can the minister accept such mediation? Are we not all equal before the law. How about the youths who are serving sentences just for raising a banner in a demonstration? 
The worst thing is that this has become a normal practice, not a manifestation of corruption and a violation of the the law. To hell then with the Constitution.
It looks like Lady Justice took off her blindfold.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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