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Liberal Egyptian journalist harshly criticizes late renowned Sheikh Shaarawi

Liberal journalist Ibrahim Eissa attacked the late Sheikh Mohamed Metwally al-Shaarawi, whose religious lessons still popular in Egypt and the Arab world.

During his talk show “Hadith al-Qahira” (Cairo Talk) on the “al-Qahira wal Nas” (Cairo and the People) channel, Eissa said: “Shaarawi is an extremist, ISIS, Salafist sheikh, against Copts and insults women.”

“He is not as moderate as some see,” he claimed.

Eissa added that Shaarawi put himself in a higher position than women and has dated, insulting views of women, including calls to beat them and even be prevented from working.

He stressed that this is a Salafi concept of women that degrades them.

He explained that Shaarawi is a patriarchal Salafist sheikh who believes that men have authority over women and a higher status than them.

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