Manshiyet Nasser residents forced to evacuate

Residents of el-Nour Street in Manshiyet Nasser were forced to evacuate their homes on Sunday for bulldozers to carry out demolition orders. The houses were built without permission in an area located below a giant rock that is threatening to collapse due to erosion.

For the last two weeks the residents have refused to leave their homes because the government has not provided alternative housing for them in public housing projects.

“There are only 50 alternative units which is not enough for us all,” said Saeed Shawqi, a resident.

MP Heidar Baghdady said he plans to submit an interpellation to parliament in which he will accuse local council head Mostafa Ebada of misplacing the people and wasting public funds. “I said this directly to Ebada’s face when I last saw him,” he said.

Ebada, meanwhile, said he is only carrying out orders and the residents will get alternative housing in el-Salam City.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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