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Mastering makeup: The executive look

Make-up for the office is your key to looking nice and presentable. But be careful: Don’t overdo it, or it can backfire. Here are some useful tips for your work makeup regime.

1. Use loose powder instead of foundation. The layer will act as a base for your makeup and should be easy to apply early in the morning.
2. For your cheeks, use earthy colors. Avoid pink and peachy shades as they are not appropriate for an office environment.
3. Apply the same rule for your lips and go for nude and beige colors. You can apply lip-gloss but avoid shimmer and glitter, they are a big no-no.
4. Do apply mascara. One layer is enough
5. Use eye shadow but in moderation. Avoid dark shades and opt for light pink, peach and nude. Don’t use eyeliner–just a light touch of kohl on your lower lashline should be enough.

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