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MedFest Egypt Forum partners with Malmö Arab Film Festival for mental health discussion

Following collaborations with various Egyptian and Arab festivals, the MedFest Egypt Forum has announced a new partnership with the 14th edition of the Malmö Arab Film Festival (April 22-28) in Malmö, Sweden.

This partnership brings a special discussion session titled “Mental Health Challenges in the Film Industry” to Malmö on April 25.

The session will feature MedFest founder and Egyptian actor Mina al-Naggar, who brings his experience and passion for mental health advocacy.

Joining him are actress Louise Højgaard Johansen, founder of the Sane Cinema initiative and an expert in mental health and filmmaking, and Lebanese actress Nada Abou Farahat, known for her diverse roles and fellow dedication to mental health awareness.


Mental health in the film industry

The discussion will explore the mental health pressures faced by filmmakers, including deadlines, financial constraints, and long working hours.

It will also delve into the importance of solidarity in promoting mental health practices, seeking support, and ultimately improving film quality.

The conversation will further explore how film cultures can learn from each other and foster an international community of filmmakers dedicated to mental health support.

Naggar emphasized MedFest’s commitment to partnerships, citing collaborations with the Cairo, Gouna and Through Her Eyes festivals, amongst others. He describes MedFest as a “moveable festival” constantly seeking new collaborations.

This year marks their first partnership with the Malmö Festival.

He highlighted previous workshop on actors’ mental health featuring Ahmed Malek, Mohamed Farrag, screenwriter Mariam Naoum, and Dr. Nabil Al-Qout, moderated by Anas Bukhash.

Naggar reiterates that the MedFest’s focus lies in the intersection of health and filmmaking, particularly the well-being of those working on and off-screen.


The MedFest Forum

Established in 2017 by Naggar and Khaled Ali, MedFest – Egypt is the first international forum in the Middle East to combine art and filmmaking with medicine and health.

It offers a unique cinematic experience by screening carefully chosen films followed by discussions with experts in both medicine and filmmaking.

Beyond the festival itself, MedFest presents a year-round program of workshops, lectures, and monthly film screenings to stimulate deeper conversations about art and health.

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