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Military delegation prepares Fayoum polling station

A military delegation of 25 officials toured all of the polling stations in Fayoum and photographed their entrances and exits ahead of elections scheduled to begin Monday.

The delegation toured polling stations in Mohieddin Aboul Ezz, Salah Salem and Banat Tamyah schools. They also visited stations in the villages of Roda, Roubeyyat, Farqas, Dar al-Salam, Masaret Sawy, and Seresna, as well as polling stations in the regions of Senoures, Ebshway, Fayoum, Etsa, Youssef al-Seddeeq and Bandar al-Fayoum.

The ruling military council has adopted procedures to guarantee stability for parliamentary elections, informed sources told Al-Masry Al-Youm on Saturday, including, ways to respond to rioting or attacks.

All officers have been informed of the stations they will be in charge of, the sources said.

Translated from the Arabic Edition