Military Production Minister: NAC project is great leap for Egypt

Minister of Military Production Mohamed Salah Eldin Mostafa asserted that the New Administrative Capital (NAC) project is a source for pride for all people and moving to the new governmental premises is a good evidence on Cairo’s progress towards a bright future despite all challenges facing the country and global economic and political changes.

The minister’s remarks were made during the first official meeting of the Military Production Ministry at its new premises in the NAC.

During the meeting, the minister said the NAC project is a great leap for Egypt in light of the “New Republic” announced by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

He praised the State’s efforts in providing all transport and heath care services to the employees that are moving to the NAC, noting that such measures are reflecting Egypt’s great position.

The minister said this meeting aims at following up the flow of work at the ministry at the new premises in implementation of the political leadership directives. It also aims at discussing future plans for work in the coming phase and preparedness of all staff and equipment at the new offices.

A number of officials at the authorities affiliated to the Military Production Ministry, advisers and heads of basic sectors at the ministry attended the meeting.

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