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More anti-government protests demanding the release of all Gaza hostages kick off in Israel

From CNN's Eugenia Yosef and Mohammed Tawfeeq

Protesters took to the streets of several cities across Israel again Saturday, demanding the resignation of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and for early elections to be held.

They also demanded the release of all hostages held in Gaza and for the Israeli government to accept the latest proposal laid out by US President Joe Biden.

Families of hostages held in Gaza took part in the ongoing anti-government protests, including in Tel Aviv, Caesaria, Haifa, Herzeliya and Kfar Saba. Many waved Israeli flags and held up signs with images of the hostages, calling on the government to bring them home immediately.

In Tel Aviv, Democracy Square is overflowing with citizens calling for Netanyahu to accept the hostage release deal.

“There is nothing more important! Every hostage must return!” protesters shouted.

At Hostage Square in Tel Aviv, protesters lit their phone flashlights and called the names of the 125 hostages still in Hamas captivity.

“Start streaming this deal, so that it will start moving … Start working, start acting,” a woman in Tel Aviv shouted over a loudspeaker.

In Caesarea, protesters shouted that Netanyahu does not have the trust of the public, calling for his removal from power and for him to accept the hostage release deal that Biden presented.

“There is no victory until every last hostage is returned,” people were heard chanting.

“We are demanding Netanyahu’s removal from power now. He has a conflict of interest. And you don’t need to be an attorney general to understand that,” others shouted.

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