Morsy lawyer rejects to internationalize case

The Freedom and Justice Party spokesperson Hamza Zoaba' said that hundreds of lawyers were ready to defend toppled President Mohamed Morsy before Egyptian courts and before the International Court of Justice.
Morsy’s defense team spokesperson Mohamed al-Damaty, meanwhile, rejected talk about internationalizing the case unsless they fail to claim their rights in Egyptian courts.
Damaty added that Morsy’s defense team is not linked to the international team tasked to file a lawsuit against coup leaders before the International Court.
The judge overseeing the trial of the ousted president postponed preceedings until 8 January, reportedly in response to his 4 November court appearance, which was deemed unruly due to Morsy’s frequent interruptions of the trial. Morsy had claimed in court he was still the legitimate president of Egypt and shouted, “Illegitimate, illegal trial.” He also chanted, “Down with military rule.”

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