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Morsy performs Friday prayers in Sayeda Zeinab, angers residents

There was a heavy security presence in Sayeda Zeinab on Friday as President Mohamed Morsy was scheduled to perform Friday prayers in the Sayeda Zeinab Mosque.

Citizens had lined up outside the doors of the mosque since the morning as security forces prevented them from entering, sparking the resentment of some and prompting them to knock on the doors and the walls of the mosque in protest.

The Central Security Forces, riot police and the presidential guards were present in the area and lined up on both sides of Port Said street leading to the mosque.

A marquee was set up at the main entrance of the mosque.

Some families sat on the ground in front of the mosque after they tired of standing while waiting to get in. Plainclothes security forces joined citizens waiting outside the mosque.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm