Morsy speech offers reconciliation with opposition

President Mohamed Morsy on Monday urged political groups to put their differences behind them and pursue comprehensive national reconciliation to face the myriad challenges currently facing Egypt.

Morsy’s call came during a speech before a conference of Islamist parties on Monday at Cairo’s International Conference Centre, which primarily tackled the crisis with Ethiopia over its divisive Grand Renaissance Dam project on the Blue Nile.

“I am ready to go to everybody, individuals or groups, for the nation’s sake,” Morsy said, adding that political transition depended on Egyptians to “unite to face challenges and achieve a common strategy between the leadership and the people in order to protect history, the present and the future.”

Criticism of Morsy’s performance by opposition forces has snowballed recently following the breakout of the Nile water crisis between Egypt and Ethiopia.

Observers claim Morsy is attempting to premeditate impending protests on 30 June, which activists hope will see millions taking to the streets demanding Morsy step down.

Opposition groups, most notably the National Salvation Front, have shunned the regime’s call for dialogue and are currently preparing for the mass protests, the first anniversary of Morsy’s inauguration as Egyptian president.

A popular campaign, Tamarod, has continued to collect signatures for a petition approving its demand for early presidential elections.

Campaign representatives claimed Monday Tamarod was approaching its 15-million signature target.

Islamist groups and parties, which widely support Morsy, have meanwhile given off mixed signals over their participation on 30 June.

Salafi leader and former presidential hopeful Hazem Salah Abou Ismail has reportedly called on supporters to protest outside Media Production City 6th of October City.

The Muslim Brotherhood says it will only defend its branch offices, unless opposition activists provoke members further.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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