Most famous Islamic scholars who have criticized al-Bukhari

Although clerics and preachers attempt to prove that Sahih of al-Bukhari is 100 percent irrefutable, Imam Bukhari himself said that he was unsure about the validity of some of the Hadiths contained in it, according to Adnan Ibrahim, the Palestinian Islamic thinker, author of ‘My problem with Bukhari.’
Questions regarding Sahihhave recently emerged in the mass media, which al-Azhar scholars deemed to be an attack on Islamic heritage. The debate between al-Azhar and the media sparked calls for religious renewal, so as not to sanctify scholars like Bukhari and Muslim, given that they were not prophets.
Many famous scholars, nine of whom are listed below, have questioned the authenticity of some of the 7,593 Hadiths mentioned by al-Bukhari:
Saudi Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen: He questioned the authenticity of the Hadith speaking of Jesus and the Antichrist.
Sheikh Ibn Baz: He said some of the Hadiths may be questioned, but most of them are valid.
Nasiruddin al-Albani: He doubted the authenticity of Hadith speaking of the Prophet having intecourse with Maymuna bint Harith.
Imam Abu Bakr al-Khatib al-Baghdadi: He was also known to be skeptical of some of the Hadiths.
Other scholars, who refuted some of their Hadiths, speaking of their possible lack of authenticity, include Sheikh al-Suyuti, Ibn Hazm, Al-Kawthari (according to whom 14 hadiths from the collection were fake), Sheikh Muhammad Rashid Rida and Dr. Mostafa Mahmoud, who questioned the authenticity of the Hadith narrating the death of the Prophet.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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