Multi-purpose supply vessel, largest in Middle East unveiled in Egypt

Egypt unveiled on Tuesday a large multi-purpose vessel made in China that will be used to provide navigation services and undertake work in the recently discovered Mediterranean Sea oil gas fields.

The multi-purpose vessel is considered the largest in the Middle East, named after former Suez Canal Chairman (SCA) Ahmed Fadel.

The vessel is 90-meters long, weighing 4,744 tons, and is equipped with a lever that can reach 2,000 meters in deep water and a moon pool that allows a submarine to pass through it up to 3,000 meters under the sea.

In 2015, a giant natural gas field was discovered off the coast of Egypt by Italian energy company ‘ENI’ — the ‘Zohr’ gas field is considered the largest natural gas field found in the Mediterranean Sea, it was discovered by the

The first gas production from ‘Zohr’ is expected to take place in late 2017.

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