Muslim-Copt coalition in Qena to combat sectarianism

Representatives from Muslim and Coptic communities in Qena have formed a coalition to combat sectarianism and tribalism in all its forms and secure the 25 January revolution values of freedom, justice, and equality through democracy and the rule of law. The coalition represents the first of its kind in Upper Egypt.

Mohamed al-Giblawy, a founding member of the coalition, said the coalition calls for the development and advancement of the governorate, as well as increased awareness about the critical patriotic role that youth need to play during the coming period.

Giblawy went on to say that the coalition will also strive to unify the efforts of various tribes and families within the governorate and work in Egypt’s best interests. He added that the coalition has no political aspirations and that it was formed with the sole purpose of solving problems that arise among different tribes and families in Qena.

In related news, Minya Governor Samir Sallam called for social cohesion and intense dialogue among all factions of society as well as the promotion of moderation and tolerance.

During his meeting on Wednesday with the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services chaired by Father Andrea Zaki, Sallam said that social service organizations play an important role in society by organizing seminars that can help deepen feelings of belonging and citizenship.

He said that these organizations must be allowed to play their proper role in order to allow for Egypt’s development and advancement.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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