NAC to launch mass-mailing campaign, mulls proposal for ‘shadow parliament’

The National Association for Change (NAC) reform movement’s General Secretariat on Tuesday approved a proposal by the movement's youth committee to send one million personal letters to the homes of Egyptian citizens in an effort to explain the NAC’s platform and objectives to the general public.

NAC spokesman al-Sayed al-Ghadban told Al-Masry Al-Youm that the NAC had tasked its legal committee with preparing a file on alleged torture victim Sayyed Bilal, whose family has accused police in Alexandria of torturing him to death. The file, which will be presented to the Attorney-General's office, will demand that those responsible for Bilal’s death be brought to justice.

The NAC also reviewed the latest developments regarding the opposition's proposed "shadow parliament," which, according to a report presented to the NAC by former Muslim Brotherhood MP Mohammed al-Biltagi, will consist of some 100 members including former MPs, party representatives and public figures.

The report also noted that the proposed assembly's founding statement would be announced on Sunday at the liberal opposition Ghad Party's headquarters. The shadow parliament's first session is expected to be held within the coming two weeks.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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